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The term "shared web hosting" simply refers to what it entails... Users on the internet who share the same server (host). This plan is a type of web hosting that makes use of a single physical web server's capabilities to serve many websites. A relatively significant number of users, ranging from a few hundred to a thousand, can use the same host, depending on the capacity of the physical web server. Customers who use this style have access to a database, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, and any other additional services provided by the host. Because everyone has access to the server's resources, the hosting plan is excellent for websites and blogs with basic setups and heavy traffic.

The following are some of the advantages of shared web hosting:


The price of shared web hosting is one of the most significant advantages. Shared hosting has a particular allure that appeals to folks who are starting a small business or who do not have a lot of traffic. The hosting package is the most cost-effective approach to get your website online because it shares the actual web server and hence the expenses. Additional features, such as a domain name and marketing tools, may be included in the bundle.

Support from within the company

The hosting business takes care of the majority of the essential maintenance and support for the physical server to run smoothly. The majority of hosting firms that offer this package are prepared to keep an eye on the server. Any technical issues or security concerns are quickly addressed and resolved. This ensures that all of the websites are up and operating with little downtime. Because most sites lack complicated setups, the administrative tasks required to manage them aren't as demanding, allowing you to focus on your business's growth without worry.

Friendly to the user

Another compelling reason for most individuals to choose shared hosting is that it does not necessitate advanced Linux administration knowledge. There is no need for those who choose this bundle to be familiar with advanced technological capabilities for creating fully configured websites. Whether you hire a professional web designer or do it yourself, you'll have access to efficient and simple tools to aid in the creation and configuration of your websites. You can carefully design your sites and draw more people to your site with a user-friendly control panel interface.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

  • When the plan fails to maintain high traffic numbers, most users on this sort of hosting become frustrated. When your website begins to attract a large number of visitors, you will discover that it operates slowly sooner or later. This will have a significant influence on your business. If your website isn't performing well, you may find yourself unable to react to clients and consumers on time.

Not Extremely Safe

Aside from your host's attempts to maintain efficiency and provide security, the plan itself isn't completely secure for a company that accepts credit cards through a payment gateway. Using the platform while maintaining the confidentiality and security of your clients' financial data might be a major challenge.


Websites with bespoke software and sophisticated customizations cannot be hosted on limited shared hosting. Although the platform is ideal for webmasters who use traditional Content Management Systems like Word Press to build their sites, it does not support advanced programming. Any website created for or using programs for such processes will need to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated Web Hosting account.

Control Issues

You can't control the actual server because this type of hosting makes the server's resources exposed to any website user. Other users may take advantage of resources just when you need them the most. This could have a negative impact on the performance of your website and cost you a lot of money.

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