how to set up in email address in cPanel

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How to set up  email addresses in cPanel 

Hello in this guide we are going to teach how to set up an email account in Cpanel  here is the video guide link

To begin with 

Step 1

first, you need to login to your Cpanel from your web hosting provider 

Step 2

after you have login into your Cpanel you need to navigate towards a tab called email and click email Account

Step 3

 After you have click on email accounts you need to click on create + on the right-hand sid

Step 4

After you have click on the creat you need the email username and password for the email and make sure that the password is strong its wiser to use password generators 

Step 5

After you have entered your username and password you need to click the edit settings and edit the storage capacity if your email address 

Step 6

After that click on  +creat and well done you have finally created your first email in your control panel 

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