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first and foremost, we are going to take a look at what is called an email forwarder in Cpanel. Email forwarder is an email feature that allows you to set up an email account so that incoming emails are forwarded to a different address. So in this guide, we are going to show you how to set up emails forwarders in Cpanel in easy steps 2021 

Step 1 

login into your Cpanel and navigate to the Email section, and click forwarders 

Quick way of setting up email forwarders  in cPanel in easy steps 2021

Step 2

After you have click on forwarders you need to click Add forwarder.

Quick way of setting up email forwarders  in cPanel in easy steps 2021Step 3

After selecting add forwarder you need to fill in the  Address to forward, this is the username you want to forward the incoming email

Quick way of setting up email forwarders  in cPanel in easy steps 2021

Step 4 

after you have fill in the Address to Forward text box you need to select the domain of your account  for example mine is 

Step 5

Choose one of the Destination choices below.

Forward to email address: Incoming emails are forwarded to another address using this option. In the text box, type the forwarding address.

Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time): This option automatically rejects incoming emails and sends a failure notice to the sender. In the Failure Message text box, type your own failure message.

Step 6

Additional options can be configured by selecting Advanced Options from the drop-down menu. 

Forward to a system account:

An inbound email is forwarded to a system user using this option. Please note that system accounts do not have an email address that is visible to the public.

Pipe to a Program:

This option automatically sends an incoming email to a program via a path specified in the text field.

Discard (Not Recommended):

This option discards incoming emails without notifying the sender of the failure.

Click the Add Forwarder button after you're finished.

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