WordPress Error Establishing a Database Connection?

To begin, let us define WordPress. WordPress is an open source management system that is used to create websites for free. If you want to use WordPress, you will need two things: a domain registration and a web hosting service. If you have those two, you will be able to use WordPress. In this guide, we will show you how to resolve or fix  " fix WordPress establishing a database connection

 How to fix WordPress's Error Establishing a Database Connection?

1.Database credentials are incorrect.

Incorrect database login credentials are to blame for the problem. The most typical cause of the Error Establishing a Database Connection is that your database login credentials are incorrect in WordPress. The database name, username, or password could all be entered here.

2.Tables in the database that are corrupt.

It's common for tables on a busy website with a lot of plugins to become corrupted but not seriously harmed. Changes to the MySQL server itself may cause database damage. Your site will immediately fail and stop loading if this occurs.

3.Conflicts with Plugins or Themes

Plugins for WordPress frequently clash with one another. This also occurs with your installation's themes. When one plugin fails to operate with another, WordPress assumes that your tables are corrupted in some way. That's how your website goes down for good.

4.Corrupted core files in WordPress.

The essential WordPress files that make up your site might also become corrupted. Even though these files are not part of the database, they can cause the same issue.

5.Database Tables That Aren't There

It's possible that your tables will go missing for a variety of reasons. Your website could be infected with a malware that eats away at essential tables. Such issues can also be caused by plugin conflicts. While following a tutorial that you didn't completely comprehend, you may have deleted or edited a table. The entire website will go offline if a WordPress database table is updated or destroyed.

6.The MySQL Server is currently unavailable.

When you try to reach your database server through your website, it may be down. If the MySQL server does not start or is blocked by a firewall, all connections to that server will be canceled, resulting in your WordPress website becoming offline.

in summary Error Establishing a Database Connection is caused by  incorrect login credentials , databased corruption, corruption of core WordPress files and finally the problem is cause by the web hosting service provider 

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